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Play vs Skill Development

I have learned there is a battle many kids, parents, and coaches face. Should players 'play more', 'play up', or work on skill development. For me the answer is two fold. You obviously want your kid to play and do so at the highest level possible....however with constant league play, many players pick up bad basketball habits that are hard to shake....That is where SKILL DEVELOPMENT wins. At some point you have to work on YOUR GAME.

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Train and Play IBL Skills Academy
Our skills academy will always focus on the fundamentals of basketball, offensive basketball, and increasing a players basketball I.Q.

Every coach wants a player that is fundamentally sound, plays smart and understands the game, and can put the ball in the basket! This does not exclude many other skills such as defensive fundamentals, footwork, and creating a work ethic.

At ANY age, the three things we focus on are important!

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Some of our skills academies topics include: Scoring more while dribbling less, Next Level Footwork, the TRUE fundamentals of basketball, and how to be coachable, 1,2,3 ball dribble drills.

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(IBL VIDEOS) Footwork Agility to Build Ability Stop Drop & Roll

Hurdle Hop Shooting

Too Many Games Is your kid playing too much?

Good Player Read What coaches look for in players.

Kobe Bryants Feet!

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Elementary $25

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High School/Middle

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Build Your Skills


Off Hand Ballhandling

Shooting to score

Improve your basketball IQ

Defense to stop people

Scoring Moves

Counter Moves

More Counter Moves


* Weekday times may be available on a limited basis.



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